We help translators
and developers collaborate
in application translation

Do you know how to localize your website or an application? Tired of repetitively sending text to the Translators and explaining to them the context in which the texts are used? Have you noticed that the part of the texts is untranslated again?

With our Platform, your Translators gain a comfortable working environment and you save time and calm your nerves.


You never localized an application?

Please read What is localization to find how it works and how to overcome problems and limitations inherent in traditional localization methods.


I am familiar with localization process

Please read the description of our solution to find how e-point Localization Platform can improve your localization process.


How it works

A Developer adds keys and the base language translation and uploads them into the e-point Localization Platform. The Translator translates highlighted text, working online. When the work is completed, the Developer imports the text from the Platform into the application code and installs a new version in the test environment.

Localization Platform_1


If you want to translate a web application, you can install our context Plugin. Upon installation, the Translator will be able to make translation directly on your web pages and will upload changes into the e-point Localization Platform. Changes will be downloaded directly into your code.

Localization Platform_2


Our global competence

Our company, e-point SA, has created multilingual websites since 2000. We have created many such web pages, from simple ones with a few languages to complex e-commerce platforms in 29 countries in 26 languages. e-point Localization Platform is a tool that was created as a result of our experience in working on real projects and struggling with real problems.

VTS Localization Platform